“Learn the Secret To Getting More Done in 1 Day Than Most People Get Done In A Week.”

This is the ultimate shortcut for busy professionals, ambitious entrepreneurs and career focussed professionals who want to make more money and work less.

Dear busy professional,

Do you feel like you're working too muchbut not making progress?

Are you wasting time on menial taskswhich stop you doing things that actually produce an income?

Do you put the important things off - like spending time with your family, travelling the world and building your dream life - because you’re always at work and don’t have time for anything else?

Would you like to grow your business faster, chase more exciting opportunities and make far more money … while slashing your working hours by up to 50%?

“Work Less, Earn More”

davenIt’s about doing the things that actually make you money. Not the time-sucking mindless activities that most people mistake for ‘being productive’.

Problem is, most people work way too much, and get too little reward for it.

But what if I could show you how to go from working 60+ hours a week to working 40 hours … or even less … while watching your business or career grow skyrocket?

I built this event,“Beyond Business” for SERIOUS business owners, entrepreneurs and career focussed men and women.

It’s to hand you an unfair and extreme advantage over everyone else ….

… so you can absolutely dominate your market or industry

… create brand new profit centres in days, not weeks or months

… and cash in on the latest techniques to create new breakthroughs that will see your profits soarwhile your competitors are left behind.

You’re about to discover howa ‘New Breed’ of professionals and entrepreneurs are ruthlessly automating parts of their business and marketing to …

...get more done in a day than most people get done in a week.

They’re dominating their markets and creating high-flying careers by carefully avoiding all the menial, unnecessary tasks that somebody else can do for them.

It means they now have time for their family and friends. Time to for fun and to travel, and time to enjoy the rich experiences this world has to offer…

While their businesses and careers
are skyrocketing in the background.

“EVERYTHING in your business can be outsourced”

Richard Branson

Have you heard of Tim Ferriss?

He’s the author of the best-selling, critically acclaimed ‘4 Hour Work Week’.

In his ground-breaking book Tim explains how to create the perfect lifestyle where you work less hours and get more done.

And if you’ve read his book, and seen how many lives it’s changed then you know well it works.

So I created this event to go one massive step further. 

It’s hands on, practical extension of Tim’s work so you know exactly what to do so you can slash your hours while making more profit.

Here’s what separates the successful from everyone else:

Success comes from being productive and doing the right things.

Things like business planning, implementation and billable hours. 

Case Study

blakeYou might be wondering – will this work for me?

Take my friend Blake Goodwin for example.

Blake was producing a phenomenal amount of work and publishing it on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Blake’s profile was exploding and his business was booming.

But here’s the best part.

While this was all going on Blake was spending time with his wife and family, at the gym or on the golf course while his Virtual Assistant was behind the scenes making it all happen.

This way Blake could attract so many customers that he could pick and choose who he worked with … and didn’t spend more than an hour a week on it.

It’s time to get out there and start earning serious money.

90% of business owners don’t get this. Probably your competition doesn’t either.

It’s the ultimate shortcut to success in business, careers … anything.

But first you may be wondering…

Who is Daven Michaels, and
Why Should You Listen to Me?

Great question.

Here’s my background

At 17 I started my first business, a clothing store in Hollywood. After a slow start I began turning it around and by 25 years of age I had my first million dollars.

Since then I’ve turned multiple passions into prosperous businesses.

I’ve created money from retail, music, telecommunications and real estate.

I’m a best-selling TV and music producer, and frequently share my guerrilla marketing tactics on TV radio.

And four years ago, I saw how many businesses were being strangled by the difficulties and costs of hiring full-time employees. As a result I founded 123Employee, an outsourcing provider in the Philippines which now hires over 600 staff.

I’m an active business educator, training thousands of people to dominate their market by outsourcing everything they can so they’re free to spend their time on the things that actually produce income. 

How do I achieve these results?

People who know what I’ve achieved often ask me:

“Daven, how on earth do you do it all?”

So I sit them down and run them through my business model:

  • My system for figuring out what to outsource, and where to start
  • The productivity tools I use each and every day to manage my global team of workers
  • My hands-off marketing funnel that consistently generates leads and turns them into buyers
  • How I test and trial new business models and technology in days, instead of weeks or months like it takes most people, and
  • The way I’ve set up my businesses so I can run them from anywhere in the world … and how they even run without me while I escape for a week or two on holidays

You should see their expression change to excitement as they realise the amazing possibilities right in front of them, and how simple it is for them to copy me.

They’ve never been shown how easy it is
to slash their working hours, double their earnings
and trounce their competition in the process.

At “Beyond Business” I’m going to let you inside my business for a full 2 hours, showing you the new business efficiency tools, marketing tactics, productivity tools and systems I’m using to generate phenomenal growth.

This is a theory-free zone. Everything I’m going to show you has been proven to work in the real world.

You’ll get a proven system to boost your productivity, develop new profit centres … all while spending way less time actually doing it.

Does this sound like you?

You’re a business owner …

… and you want more free time. You don’t want to be a slave to your business any longer, working 60+ hours a week. It’s time to stop sacrificing your sanity, your health or your relationship with those around you.

Your family and supporters deserve this as much as you do.

Maybe you already want to outsource. Perhaps you’ve tried already. Perhaps you don’t think you have the time to find the right people, instruct and manage them … or you’re worried they won’t deliver the right quality and you’re wasting your time.

If so, this is the answer you’re looking for.

You’re an ambitious entrepreneur …

… and you need to get new products and services to market FAST, without risking much money on it.

You could be managing several businesses at once. You might be struggling to get traction. You might even be in a 9-5 job, trying to start a business on the side but never having enough time to make your big breakthrough.

Whatever your circumstances, you’re going to discover how to launch new businesses, branch out into new things, and undergo rapid expansion … while keeping your costs rock bottom.

For you, this will be the ultimate shortcut from where you are now to where you’re going.

Your career is taking off …

… and you want it to accelerate even faster without burning out.

Any minute you can spend getting results is going to make you look amazing. The sneaky thing is you can outsource things in your private life so you can spend more time growing your career. There may even be things in your job you can outsource too.

You’ll get things done faster and impress your managers. Imagine how you’ll feel when they say “Wow, you’re so efficient. How did you manage that so quickly?”

Here are some of the things you’ll discover at Beyond Business…

  • How to eliminate the time sucking, mind numbing activities that occupy at least 60% of your day so you can unlock more time to grow your business
  • Smart tools to double your productivity and manage your global team or virtual assistant
  • How to hire staff for between $2 and $5 who are all fluent in English and arse-kickers at what they do
  • How to create a virtual business you can run from anywhere in the world (even at your desk at work if you're starting your journey)
  • A foolproof way to quickly build a fully automated marketing funnel so high quality clients literally drop into your lap
  • How to nail your first time outsourcing by avoiding all the dumb mistakes most first-timers make
  • My ingenious content 'recycling' technique that lets you create compelling content and get it in front of the world through multiple channels … without even lifting a finger(and this even includes writing the content)
  • How to suddenly turn every box or seminar you've ever paid for into money by getting other people to implement it all for you
  • How to create and automate multiple marketing channels that would otherwise take 30+ hours a week if you did it yourself

FACT: Millionaires and Billionaires Aren't Smarter
Than You or I.
They Just Get Heaps More Done.

Imagine there are two chefs in a kitchen. One is a gourmet chef and the other is a novice.

The quickest way for the novice to learn is to copy everything the gourmet chef does, right?

That's exactly why you need to outsource everything you do to somebody who can do it just as well as you could, possibly even better.

But don't take my word for it. Some of theworld's most influential business leaders, economists and entrepreneurs swear by using outsourced labour to grow faster and create opportunities.

Bill Gates says "Companies should focus on their core competence and outsource everything else."

Jack Welch, legendary CEO of General Electric says "A truly global company is one that uses intellect and resource of every corner of the world".

Even Janet Yellen, head of the US Federal Reserve says "In the long run, outsourcing is another form of trade that benefits the U.S. economy by giving us cheaper ways to do things."

Every successful person outsources everything they can to spend time on growth.

That's why it makes sense to find someone who's a world-leader in this field and copy them.

New Technology Has Made It Possible

You can use the internet to find, hire and manage your own virtual workforce for a fraction of the cost of hiring them locally.

And you can use some incredibly powerful tools that are easy to use to make life simpler. You can use these tools to manage them, monitor their progress and control the delivery.

Imagine how you'll feel when you assign your team tasks before you finish up in the afternoon, and when you get into the office the next morning your tasks are complete, sitting there ready and waiting for you.

You'll have half a day's work done for you before you even turn on your computer.

And what can you outsource?

Practically anything.

Admin work, book-keeping, marketing, content creation and distribution, appointment setting, research, client communication, list building, website creation and management, even email management.

What you'll learn will allow you to quickly flood your business with new customers who will be begging you to take their money. Or it can help you create a brand new business that will smash all your competition. Or set up new profit centres in your business that bring in serious amounts of money with little to no effort on your part.

Best of all, instead of costing jobs, outsourcing saves them.

Because cutting costs and speeding things up means you'll grow faster. It means many businesses which wouldn't have made it suddenly become thriving enterprises.

And a stronger small business community means more money, ultimately more jobs for locals and a stronger economy.

Do this or get left behind

It's so important you discover these "Beyond Business" rules now because business isn't slowing down.

In fact it's accelerating. Business and technology experts predict that in the next 10 years the face of business will change faster than ever before.

And you need to change with it, or you'll be left behind.


Because the first adopters always reap the biggest rewards.

It's just like the first businesses go online. They got the jump simply because there was no competition.

Now of course, everyone's doing it. But today's market leaders built their empires while their competitors were napping.

This opportunity is even bigger – and you need to be ready to take advantage of it.

The harsh reality is if you're not doing this, then one of your competitors is. Or they soon will be.

And while you're tossing and turning in bed, worrying about how to beat them ... they have a global team working through the night givingthem the winning edge over you.

Who's going to sleep better?

They are.

They're getting their research done for a few dollars an hour while you're paying $30 or more.

They're building marketing funnels in days, while it takes you weeks to do the same thing.

They're getting things done faster and cheaper and getting to market first with lower overheads.

Like it or not, who's going to be the big winner here?

I'm going to show you how to beat them at their own game so it's YOU who gets the spoils, and not them.

By This Time Next Month You Could Have
A Global Network of People Helping You Get Rich …
For A Fraction Of The Price of Hiring Employees

Budding entrepreneur? Here’s a sneaky trick for you…

The perfect escape plan from your full time job…

If you’re trying to build your business while you’re stuck in a job then outsourcing is the shortcut you’ve been looking for.

Because all you need is a few minutes a day and access to the internet.

Imagine how you’ll feel when you’re quietly building your empire from work … and nobody even has a clue you’re doing it.

You’ll be delegating your most important tasks to highly competent workers across the globe, letting them do the heavy lifting for you.

All from the comfort of your office!

The funniest part? You’ll probably have more people working for you than your boss does.

And if you're a startup, or preparing to expand into new areas, this could be the difference between success or failure.

I’m going to show you how to turn your business on its head, giving you a brand new sense of what’s possible … and show you the most rapid, efficient path from where you are to where you want to be.

For example, you’ll discover

  • A foolproof way manage your virtual team so they give you consistently high results … on time … every time
  • Mobile apps? Mobile websites? Online advertising? Whatever new technology you want to try, you can have experts create it for you. There’s no need to be a technical wiz when you can hire them for a few dollars an hour
  • Don’t pay $5,000 for a website, get the identical job done for $500 or less
  • The exact steps to choosing who to hire, and making sure you get exceptional work done every single time
  • How to ruthlessly outsource practically EVERYTHING
  • The trick to protecting your company’s secrets if you choose to outsource anything confidential
  • Step it up a gear –how toquickly build a global team with genuine experts in every area you need
  • 6 different websites you can use to find people - and the one I recommend above all others
  • The tools I personally use to communicate, project-manage, share data and even pay my team. The best part is they’re easy to use, most of them are free, the rest only cost a tiny amount
  • The  fastest way to train your virtual assistant
  • How to negotiate timelines and make sure they're adhered to – without conflict
  • Red flags which show you which outsourcers to avoid, and how you can do a background check on their skills before you even talk to them
  • Policies you can easily enforce which protect you - you couldn't do this with an Australian employee, but when you outsource they're more than happy to agree to them
  • How to mine some of the internet’s greatest sources of leads – LinkedIn, Facebook, Google, Craigslist – you can use just about anything to create a list of hot new prospects without even logging in
  • Real world templates you can use straight away to begin outsourcing immediately
  • A sneaky strategy to create business from every business card you get - if you can collect cards from people at events, this strategy will get you in front of prospects so many ways using social media (you could use it to create new clients from ‘Beyond Business’)

Case Study

Darius Askaripour, also known as The Innovative Investor uses virtual assistants in just about every part of his business.

And the best part is that the VA company he works with carefully filters their employees, interviews them and IF they’re good enough to get hired, puts them into categories based on their best skills.

This way if Darius needs a pay-per-click person he gets one. If he needs social media help he gets an expert in it. Whatever he needs, his VA company provides his excellent assistants trained and proficient in that area.

Best of all, every person Darius works with speaks excellent English, is well educated and extremely responsible in getting his work done on time to an extremely high standard

Attend “Beyond Business” and
Get $203 in Gifts … FREE

You don’t expect me to come empty handed, do you?

I love delighting everyone I train, and you’ll be delighted with these free gifts, which we’ll give you the second you set foot in the venue.

Thank you gift #1. My New York Times Best Seller ‘Outsource Smart’ Audio Book. Valued at $49

Outsource Smart is the perfect companion to Beyond Business. It shows you exactly how to earn more by outsourcing everything you can to high quality workers across the globe.

This is audio version of the book so you can listen to it in your car, on your computer or copy it to your iPod and listen to it while you exercise.

Thank you gift #2. Facebook Miner. Valued at $97

If you’re doing marketing on Facebook then this software will literally smash whatever you’re doing to smithereens.

You see, I recently asked my team at 123Employee to come up with the ultimate Facebook marketing software.

Something so good it would let you drill down on your perfect prospect with laser-like precision, and target them with multiple channels.

We literally spent days brainstorming new ideas, letting our imaginations run wild to see how far we could really push it.

The result is Facebook Miner.

We’ve tried it out on our clients and it works like gangbusters.

It lets you …

Locate businesses with social websites in any niche, city and country
Send targeted emails direct to prospects
Post automatically on social sites, getting incredible exposure at the click of a button
Find highly targeted leads using any search terms
Easily keep track of contacts
And much, much more
Whatever you’re doing on Facebook now, this will absolutely blow it out of the water.

It’s only available to our clients, but when you join me at “Beyond Business” we’ll give you your very own copy.

HINT: This is something you could very easily give to a virtual assistant and generate leads for a fraction of what you’re paying now. I think you’re seeing the big picture now…

It’s worth being here just for this incredible piece of software.

Thank you gift #3. Facebook Marketing Training Video Series. Valued at $67

You’ve got two options with these videos.

First, you can watch them and create your own high converting Facebook marketing campaign.

Or second, you could give a virtual assistant these videos instead so they could do the actual work under your guidance.

That’s the beauty of these 36 videos. You can hire a virtual Facebook marketing assistant, get the videos to them and let them do the rest.

Don’t you love taking shortcuts!

The Networking Opportunities Will Be Phenomenal

One of the things people love about my events is the quality of the attendees. I always attract a room full of motivated entrepreneurs looking for new ways to grow.

The conversations you have before and after the event will spark new ideas, and you could create new business opportunities and find new joint venture partners while you’re here.

Best of all, because you and your fellow attendees are going to discover how to get out of ‘day-to-day’ mode and shift into ‘massive growth’ mode, you’ll suddenly be surrounded by likeminded entrepreneurs and business owners looking for new partners to grow with.

So bring your business cards and prepare to have fun networking with like-minded people, and see what deals you can do on the night.


My Bullet Proof Guarantee

I know that you’re going to get more cash-generating, productivity boosting information in just 2 hours than you have received in years.

And even though I can’t offer you money back because I’m giving you a FREE ticket to “Beyond Business” then in the unlikely event you don’t feel you’re getting exactly what I promised … then I’ll still give you the $203 worth of business building materials just for giving it a try.

That’s because I know nobody else is teaching these strategies.


But I have to warn you. “Beyond Business” is NOT a night off. So please don’t turn up looking for an easy couple of hours where you don’t have to think much.
Because …

This will probably be the most intense 2 hours of your life,
and you must be prepared to take pages and pages of notes.

The information is going to come at you thick and fast. And it’ll have your brain spinning faster than a bullet train.

I’m not holding anything back. I’m opening up every part of my productivity systems so there’s no more trial and error in store for you.

You get it on a plate for free in just 2 hours.

Imagine, no more 60+ hour weeks. No more sitting at the computer until 11pm doing menial tasks. No more wishing you had time to put some growth strategies into action instead of churning through the tedious stuff.

The way I see it, you have 3 choices.

First, you can keep doing what you’re doing. Working long hours, doing income generating activities and planning for growth only when you have some spare time.

But you and I both know this isn’t what you want, right?

Second, you can give outsourcing a shot on your own. Go check out  eLance. Go check out oDesk. Hey, what have you got to lose, right?

Actually you’ve got quite a lot to lose. Because while you might fluke it and find a gem to work with, odds are you’ll go from one outsourcer to another. Simple fact is all the good ones are working for big companies like 123Employee, or are already booked up with other clients.

Worse still, you’ll always have that nagging doubt that they’re not doing as much as they could be doing, and without a proper benchmark how will you ever know?

And third, you can join me for ‘Beyond Business’ and learn a step by step system for increasing your earning more while working less. It only takes 2 hours but what you learn will transform your business, and give you a massive advantage over your competitors.

It’s time for you to step up and get a massive edge over your competition. What you’ll learn will give you the opportunity to explore new business ideas, create multiple marketing channels and could easily double your business in the next 12 months.

All while spending far less time working and more time playing.

I’ll see you at the “Beyond Business”.

To YOUR Success,

PS “Every morning in Africa, A Gazelle wakes up. It knows it must run faster than the fastest lion or it will be killed. Every morning a lion wakes up. It knows it must outrun the slowest Gazelle or it will starve to death. It doesn’t matter whether you are a lion or a gazelle … when the sun comes up, you’d better be running”.

And if you’re not ‘running’ every moment of every day  to stay ahead of the game in your business, pretty soon one or more of your competitors will be. Why give them the lion’s share of your market just when you can ‘run’ ahead of them and steal it all for yourself?

That’s exactly what you’re going to discover when you join me for “Beyond Business”.

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