21 Deadly SINS that will KEEP
you POOR

  • A poisonous mind (yours or that of your close circle of friends ) will surely destroy your dreams of any success; Poor business ideas, lack of execution, half-cooked procrastinated effort will surely erode your bank account as well as your resolve to succeed;
  • If you want to do it RIGHT, do it YOURSELF’ attitude will rob you of your precious time and the very juice of life;
  • This FREE A3 poster contains 21 DEADLY sins, that many people commit, but aren’t aware of and wonder why they are deprived of wealth, health and happiness
  • It’s carefully constructed by three undisputed role-models in their respective areas of expertise – it must be thoroughly studied by anyone who aspires to achieve in life or business.
  • As well as a reminder on a regular basis of these TWENTY ONE mortal enemies of advancement in life and business, we suggest you download your poster, print on an A3 sheet and hang it on your wall to serve as a constant reminder.
  • Remember you cannot improve something that you are not aware of (a.k.a. ’silent dream killers’)...

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