This has been an absolute fantastic 2 days, I’ve learned so much about so many different things, I’m leaving with so much enthusiasm of the positiveness of what have been thought. But the major thing is that it’s not a hard selling, is  not somebody coming on, speaking for an hour and a half pitching something then they disappear, because I know these guys and talking to them all the time and really learning from them that has cost nothing. If you are organizing it, I will absolutely recommend this event.

– Ben, Sydney

I’m here for the whole 2 days of this event; the event is great and fabulous. I enjoyed meeting people and the event organizers. They are very knowledgeable people and what they to present to you is absolutely fantastic. So thank you very much for inviting us and look forward to see you again.


I came to this event because I felt I wasn’t doing enough for my business. I found that the different sessions over the weekend have really help me to clarify the areas  of my business to put more energy into ,where I’m going to be and where to make more money. It’s really good to meet a lot of people and network. The presentation has been really excellent. The presenters really knows their stuff and is really on the board of what we need to do that will bring our business into the next level and beyond that. It’s been great; I’ll recommend it to everyone.