Get More Qualified Traffic To Your Website With Paid Blog Posts

Is Using Paid Blog Posts Effective for Gaining Traffic?

Whether it was started a week ago or has been running for years, every online business’ goal stays the same as it is ALWAYS about getting [qualified to buy] traffic. Selling your products or services online is a great way to increase your sales; however the challenge here is; the kind of promotional strategies you should use.

Generating leads usually boils down to constantly providing relevant content for people to read. If you want your product or services to be fully explained to the readers, you need to have good quality blog posts or articles. Most important of all, they should be updated.

Reading a blog post from 2008 does not look that convincing doesn’t it? It may even be obsolete in 2013. Plus, with the incoming contents that are being indexed by search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing, your old posts may go way back at the end of the line. This is why many online business people pay for blog posts.

There are many online writers out there who are looking for companies to approach them and let them write about their products or services. It would usually cost you per blog post but it’s a great way to fill up your own website as well.

Paid blog posts alone aren’t the answer to getting you qualified leads, you obviously still have to do some search engine optimisation however, what these blog posts do is brand your online business. With the right SEO techniques such as keyword integration and good quality links, people who are directed to your website will not be disappointed as they are presented with excellent content.

The only risk on paid blog posts is that some writers do not meet the expectations of their clients. With a sea of online writers, finding a good one would be a priority. It’s important that they understand your business in order to come up with authentic reads which could pull in interested buyers.

Here is a list of paid blog posts websites that house hundreds of bloggers writing different kinds of topics:

Happy content-creating, remember – in order to build a successful and sustainable business online – your site has to be relevant and current.

Relevant to your visitors requirements – i.e. what they are searching for.

Current – up-to-date content and regular blog posts – just like this one :)

Yours for on- and off-line business success,

Dmitri Stern