How to nurture your prospective customers … on autopilot!

How to sell your prospect even before they contact you… automatically!

Imagine that your prospective  customer gets to know you, your value proposition, how good you and your products/services are  as well as raving comments that others write  about you — even before they make a sales inquiry.

When they inquire – they are ready to buy!   So, your function will be to take order, instead of  going through a lengthy sales process.

Here’s what you need:

a) A good constructed website, sole purpose of  which is to capture the leads;

b) A well structured Autoresponder (MailChimp,  AWeber or GetResponse) that sends regular emails to your subscribers on the topics of their interest with 3:1 ratio (add-value:  offer to buy);

c) This last one should lead back to your website – a secret page only available to the subscribers after certain number of the days in the follow-up cycle.

Of course the key to successful follow-up like  above is a good and relevant content in your  newsletters.

The best way to go about it is to record a series  of ‘how-to’ videos, upload them to YouTube and  embed to your well crafted landing pages.